Special lesson & workshop













・エイプリルボール(モナコ/元モンテカルロバレエ団 プリンシパル)

・中野吉章(アメリカ/ピッツバーグバレエシアター プリンシパル)

・佐々木須弥奈(イギリス/英国ロイヤルバレエ団 アーティスト)

・森本亮介(ハンガリー/ハンガリー国立バレエ団 ソリスト)






① Direct guidance from first-class instructors

 At Marty Ballet School, we regularly hold special lessons and workshops by inviting various special instructors, providing many opportunities to receive direct instruction from leading domestic and international instructors.

 Lessons from first-class instructors have a wealth of knowledge from their own experience, holding workshops in various countries, and teaching at venues where dancers from various countries gather. , which teaches children all over the world with simple expressions that are easy to understand. When inviting foreign instructors to the Marty Ballet School, interpreters are assigned as needed, so students who do not understand foreign languages can attend classes without worry.


 ②Various learning and stimulation

 There are various methods (schools) in ballet, and the points to be aware of and pay attention to are different, so it is very meaningful to receive guidance from a teacher other than the teacher you usually learn. Even if you are cautioning the same dance, you will get different advice if you are warned by a different instructor than usual. By receiving various advice, there should be advice that comes straight to the person.

 Special lessons and workshops gather Marty's school students and outside students, and you can meet a lot of friends by participating. Having friends who can work hard together will motivate children to work harder in ballet.

 It is very important to receive guidance from various instructors in order to expand the range of dance. You will broaden your horizons, broaden the scope of dance, and change your way of thinking about dance.


ーLecturers holding past workshopsー

・Ian McKay (UK/International Artistic Director of The Royal Ballet School, UK)

・April Ball (Monaco/Former Monte Carlo Ballet Principal)

・Yoshiaki Nakano (USA/Pittsburgh Ballet Theater Principal)

・Sumina Sasaki (England/Royal Ballet, British artist)

・ Ryosuke Morimoto (Hungary/Hungarian National Ballet Soloist)

・Toko Tatekawa (Poland/Poland State Opera Nova Ballet)