Extensive online lesson


便利な時代になったからこそ、スタジオまで送り迎えできない時や、少し時間が空いたからなど気軽にお家でレッスンしませんか。 一時的なお休みや、スタジオに通えなくなってもバレエを続けられるように、振替として、オンラインで受講することもできます。




We also hold online lessons for kids and junior schools.
Transfers and additional lessons are also available online.
Why don't you feel free to take lessons at home when you can't meet the studio or when you have a little time because it's a convenient time? You can also take a tuition online as a transfer so that you can continue ballet even if you are temporarily out of the office or cannot attend the studio.

Even children who are attending overseas schools are using it as training when living in Japan.

We also accept private lessons online, so please feel free to contact us.
Besides, parents' fun, adult ballet class, ballet as well as programs such as Pilates, yoga, gyrokinesis and so on!